Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Sunday

There were Easter Eggs hidden around the show grounds, and we even had a cute little Easter Bunny on our table at the barn.

We had some classes in the morning but mostly it was get-away day.  Everyone looked forward to getting home early on Easter.  However we also wanted to take the time to tear down appropriately so we’d have less work for setup at Santa Barbara.

Tear down is an organized dance.  Multiple people making sure that they’re putting things in the appropriate truck or trailer.  Taking things down in an order that makes sense for putting in the trailer, but also makes sense for packing into our trucks.  

And of course, tear down is sad because it means the fun of the show is done.

Once the stalls were all torn down and things were put away it was time to put the horses in the trailer.  Todd had me load Blu.  I took a couple mis-steps, since I’ve only ever loaded Cre in the past and he was an easy loader.  But two tries and Blu walked right in.  And once he was in, he patiently waited for the hay net to be tied up for him.  I patted him on the butt and we closed the gate.

All the horses were loaded, Todd was ready to go, so we waved goodbye to Todd and the horses and then we hit the road ourselves.

When I got home Bob and Toni and Ken all came out to help me unload.  Their help cut the unloading time drastically.  It was great. 

And to top it all off Toni cooked Easter Dinner!

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