Saturday, April 9, 2011

The vet check.

I’ve never been to a vet check before.  A “Pre Purchase Exam.”

My boss was great.  Monday morning I was bouncing off the walls with excitement about buying Blu and showing his picture and videos to anyone who walked by my desk.  And even those who didn’t.  About 9am Nicole called to say she was able to schedule the vet at 1pm.  I asked my boss if I could take a half day to be able to be at the vet check.  He said yes.  Yeah!

Nicole recommended Dr Dawn at All About Equine and while we waited for her to arrive Nicole said I could go hang out with Blu.  So I all but raced to his stall!  I got to spend about 45 minutes in his stall getting to know him.  He was SO nice.  I think I’ll always remember that day.  He had no problems with me hanging in his stall.  I pet him all over.  Picked up his feet.  Ran my fingers through his mane.  Leaned against the stall wall and watched him eat.  He nuzzled me, I nuzzled right back.  And took pictures!  Many, many pictures.  I told him he’d have to get used to the sound of a shutter.  It’s part of the package when you got me.  (Just ask my husband.) 

When Dr Dawn got there we pulled Blu out of his stall and she started the exam.  She checked his conformation, his hooves (a pincher type test that tests the coffin bone I believe), his joints, his eyes, his teeth, his belly sounds, and who knows what all else!  From there we walked Blu outside and she did a flexion test which checks for borderline issues in his joints by bending his legs one at a time and holding them fully bent for a minute then having him trot off.  No signs of lameness.  From there we went to the arena and Nicole lunged Blu and the vet again checked for lameness and his way of moving.  The last step was to draw blood for some baseline readings.  He took the needle nicely.  That’s a blessing.

Blu passed his vet check with flying colors!  Hooray!

Now to schedule a day for Todd to come get him.

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  1. Your blog is terrific, Kathy. Pictures, video, great's got it all. Can't wait to read more about Blu. He's a handsome fellow. :)