Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Riding Portion of the Weekend

Sunday dawned as another beautiful October day.

Ken and I packed up the camper and headed out to the ranch, about 30 minutes away from the campground.  There was no way I was going to be that close to Blu and not visit!

I had a great lesson, Blu did very well, and we even tried a little Hunter Pleasure work!  I hadn't posted in years but the muscle memory was right there!

Blu warming up

I'm up and starting my lesson

Cooling down after the lesson - what a day

While I was riding Blu the dogs got to play on the ranch.  They enjoyed an hour of off leash time and behaved themselves wonderfully!  There was absolutely no chasing of horses, or chickens, though there was one brief moment after the lesson was over when Angus spotted a cat and gave chase.  Yikes!  But the cat outwitted him (I know, easy enough!) and he broke off the chase after about 30 seconds.

I wish I had my camera handy when Blu was tied up in the cross ties.  Angus came up to Blu and Blu reached his head down and they sniffed each other. Very cute!  Guess that will have to be one of my mental memories.  And actually Annie seemed quite nervous around the horses, which was fine with me.  When I was in the arena they didn't bother me at all.  One time Annie squeezed through the rails and wandered in but didn't seem at all interested in Blu and me.  Ken called her to come out but she couldn't figure out how to get out (heaven forbid she crawl under the rail)!

Annie decided to join me in the arena - though not for long - guess there were more interesting things outside the arena...

Angus deciding what to do next

Annie and Ken just hanging out

We even made it home in plenty of time for the first pitch of the Giants World Series Game 4!

Wasn't that game exciting!  Talk about a battle!  They were up in the 2nd, behind in the 3rd, ahead in the top of the 6th then tied in the bottom of the 6th.  From there it continued to be a nail biter until the 10th when Scutaro got what turned out to be the series winning RBI!

A fabulous weekend from beginning to end!

Go Giants!!!