Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I’m happy

It’s Friday night and I’m home with Ken, getting ready for the weekend.  This is one of those “weekends at Todd’s” vs. “daytrip to Todd’s” AND it is the weekend before a show.  Put that all together and I’m really happy!

We’re starting to get a routine down.  Come home from work and enjoy the fact that it’s Friday and we have a weekend off.  We go to dinner somewhere that will serve Ken “a tall beer” and has a TV so we can watch the game.  We relax and enjoy ourselves.  Then when we get home I start to pack and plan for the weekend and chatter away to Ken about all our plans.  Normally if it weren’t a pre-show weekend there would be only a little bit of packing.  The Truck Camper is pretty well stocked for my ranch weekends (Oh how things change – it used to be stocked for fishing weekends.) and only needs a change of clothes and whatever food and beverages I’d need.

This week I’d been emailing with Sharon and she’d reminded me about the Horse Show Checklist from way back when and I finally got the old computer booted up and the list printed out.  It’s pretty humorous to read, and yet full of things I never would have remembered so many years since the last time I showed!  I’m not going to make any changes to it tonight, but am quite sure there will be lots of additions and changes by the time I come back Sunday.

I’m all packed and ready to drive to Todd’s in the morning.  Ken’s got plans to buy and plant a tree by the pool (to replace the Willow that fell last winter in a big wind storm), to replace the rubber bumpers on The Terminator pinball machine (he replaced the ones on Elvira last weekend), and to play baseball on Sunday. 

His weekend will be as full as mine.

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  1. That is so funny about the camper being a ranch camper now. :)