Monday, April 11, 2011

Red White N Blu's info

Blu’s Pedigree:

                                                Ben Rabba

Sire: Robby (Arabian)

                                                Ohadi Abbie
Red White N Blu                                            Rad-Sor

Dam: Ginger (grade)

Born April 20, 2007

Blu’s Dam Ginger (with another cute foal)
From conversations I had with Nicole during the purchase process and from Blu’s papers I was able to find and contact his breeder, Liz Alward at Summerwind Farm.  She sent me some photos of Blu’s Dam, Ginger, and gave me a small bit of history about her.  She told me “His dam was an absolutely awesome BIG gorgeously marked sabino paint mare that I got from WI.  She was obtained by some Arab folks in Wisconsin from a farm where elderly folks lived and the man died.  Never could find papers.”

I’m really happy to have that background and the photos.  When I bought Cre his owner had given me his “baby book” so I had pictures of him as a foal and as a yearling as well as photos of his Sire and Dam.  It’s nice that I can have something like that again.  And putting it here is fun, too.

I need to do some research on his pedigree.  I knew all about Cre’s pedigree.  And since the only horse that is in both pedigree’s is *Raffles from the 1920s it’s really all new for me.  Todd knows Aurab – he’s in his yearling’s pedigree, too.

Since I love research it’ll be fun to find out more.


  1. How neat that you were able to get some of Blu's info and pictures. :)

  2. Good question! I had to look it up when I heard that Blu was a "Sabino Roan." Sabino is a color pattern where a horse generally has white markings on the belly and legs and face, like Blu has. So if someone asks if my horse has "color" I say yes!

    You can see examples if you google "sabino horse"