Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ken meets Blu

Today Ken is coming to the show!!!

How much better can it get?  We had no morning classes so we could actually sleep in.  I got up at 7am to feed and water the horses – had to bring a bale of hay from the trailer to the barn - but once that was accomplished and their waters filled (Blu continually picks up his water bucket and spills it in his stall here at the show - it's making for a lot more stall cleaning than necessary!  sheesh) I went back to the camper.  We’d both brought our Kindles and got a bit of reading time in.  Until our stomachs which point we laughed and figured it was time to get up.  The food vendor on site makes a pretty yummy protein breakfast burrito – we enjoyed having them fix breakfast for us.

Again, classes weren’t until the mid afternoon, so it made for a relaxing day all around.  Nazz was in fine form and didn’t need much work.  Grooming was fun and Laura, Sharon and Todd were all dressed up for their classes.

Nazz was wonderful in his classes.  He rode so nicely for Sharon it was a pleasure to watch.  You can tell how much he enjoys it when they’re riding together.

Todd on Nazz

Once the classes were done for the day I could focus on the fact that soon Ken would arrive.  I was so excited for him to see Blu!  I put Blu in one of the groom stalls and worked on him just like I would to prepare him for a class.  I wanted him to look his best, of course.  I enjoyed brushing him, and it put a nice shine to his coat.  I didn’t go so far as to prep his hooves, but it was a close call.  And I didn’t take his tail out of the protective wrap it was in (the wrap keeps the tail clean and helps it grow long which looks great when it’s out and flowing for a class).  So there are still some things I can do next time Ken sees Blu that he hasn't seen yet.

Blu is sleepy

I kept an eagle eye out for Ken and when I saw the MINI drive up I think my grin went ear to ear!  I hadn’t seen Ken since Wednesday morning.  I missed him alot.

About the first thing I did (ok - the second thing) was escort him to the groom stall so he could meet Blu.  I was probably acting like a kid showing off her dress – turning this way and that, enjoying the “oohs” and “ahhs.”

Blu was on his best behavior, too.  Ken said he looked really nice and I breathed a big sigh of relief.  He likes him! He likes him!!!

I pulled Blu out of the groom stall and walked him around so Ken could check him out in the sunlight and walk around him and pet him.  Oh yeah, and feed him horse cookies!  Cre always knickered at Ken when he showed up because he knew a cookie was soon to appear.  I have a strong feeling Blu will realize the same thing really soon.

Once the show and tell was over it was time to relax. We sat at the table at the end of the barn and watched the goings-on and caught Ken up on everything that had been happening.  We went to the main arena to catch some of the Friday night Futurity Halter classes and watched others do what we’d be doing in the morning.  Then we decided were hungry and with the four of us it was a very easy decision about where to go for dinner.

Samurai SUSHI!!!  A Sushi boat was more than we were able to finish, but we gave it a valiant try!

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  1. I am really enjoying this journey with you and Blu. :)