Sunday, April 10, 2011

Todd picks up Blu.

After letting Todd know that the vet check was complete and Blu was going to be mine we figured out that the following Monday, March 14th would be the best day to pick him up.

Once again I went to my boss, this time to ask for the day off.  There was something about being there to watch Blu go into the trailer that was calling to me.  I really wanted to be there.

Todd lives almost 300 miles away from Vina, so it wasn’t a quick jaunt for him.  He arrived about 1pm.

I think he could see my smile from a mile away.  I was probably bouncing my way down the barn isle in my eagerness to show him Blu.  He was in the last stall on the left.  As Todd approached the stall he said “He’s flashy just standing there!” And with that he went in the stall and met Blu.  He agreed he was tall and big bodied and would probably continue to grow.  And he was a great size for me.  Yeah!

Nicole pulled Blu out of the stall and Todd looked him over.  He talked with Nicole for a bit and the whole time Blu stood there calmly.  No pawing or fidgeting.  He was relaxed.

I’d gotten his papers so there wasn’t much else to do but load him up.  I lead Blu to the trailer and Todd loaded him right up.  No hesitation.  Whew.   I gave Nicole a hug and a promise to keep in touch.

Todd pulled the trailer out and I followed him grinning ear to ear.

Red White N Blu was truly MINE!!!!

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