Friday, September 21, 2012

Catalina, or is it?

You don't really expect me to talk about a girls weekend in Catalina, do you?

I didn't think so!  :-)

Instead, I'm sure you're much more interested in the new linoleum and carpet we put in at home, right?

Say bye to the old carpet

And hello to the new carpet

I won't show you the pictures of what the front room looked like with all our furniture in one place.  I'm mean, I know!  But I'd hate for you to think that things always looked that way!

The dogs blend in

Ahhhh, new carpet

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Do Horses Like Tacos?

I think it's funny how things go in cycles.  This cycle has been "doing lots, but not posting on my blog."

What I'm finding is that means that my computer is last on my list of things to 'do.'  No surfing (ok - very little), no photos uploads (very rarely), and no blog postings (one exception).  While that all isn't a big problem, I'm not filling my 'do' time with lots of activities that require exertion.  (grin)

So, what kind of things HAVE I been doing in the last 3 1/2 weeks?

Another beach ride on Blu (gasp - with Ken!)
Girls trip to Catalina
Emptying all the bedrooms of furniture
New linoleum in the laundry room
New carpet in all the bedrooms
Having my parents visit after a four month absence from the country
Rearranging furniture/gathering items for donation/Putting house back together
Watching Ken and his baseball team win their Championship
And throughout all of this I've been re-reading a series of books in my down-time

And as I look at that list I realize that there actually was a bit of exertion involved in some of these items (grin - again) and I guess I have been pretty busy!

Labor Day weekend was spent with Ken, and Blu.  Had a great lesson on Saturday.  Had a fabulous beach ride on Sunday.  And Ken rode on the beach!  He had fun, too!  Really!

Check us out!

And lest I forget, the funniest part of the weekend......

Ken fed Blu a Taco!  For those of you who watch the Simpsons, you may remember an episode where Homer offers a taco to their race horse if he wins a race.  Well, Ken told Blu at the beginning of the season that if he did well and won a blue ribbon he'd buy him a taco.  Blu did win (more than once!  whee) so on our way to the ranch we stopped at Taco Bell and asked for a "lettuce and tomato taco.  No meat.  No cheese.  Really." (no he didn't tell them it was for a horse - we wanted to be sure they'd sell it to us!)  Ken and I laughed the rest of the way to the ranch thinking about the way the person who took the order had to repeat to the person making the taco "no meat.  no cheese.  really."

So, do horses like tacos?  You decide!

Stay tuned for the next installment.....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Giants Win The Championship!

Are you thinking "What? The MLB season isn't over yet!"

Well, Ken plays for the Sacramento NABA Giants, and for them, their season is complete.  In the best possible way - it ended with a fantastic Championship!

2012 Giant's - League Champions

They played GREAT!

This video is Ken hitting a RBI single to bring in the first run of the game - third inning, 0-0 with 2 outs when he hit this.

And here's my favorite, bottom of the 9th, Ken strikes out one guy, and Dan makes the game ending catch at which point the team celebrates!  Lots of screaming and yelling so you might not want your volume up too high!  :-)

I can't say enough how much fun it was to watch Ken play this season.  The whole team played cohesively and Ken lead the team in pitching - 6 wins - 55 innings pitched (regular season) and a win and a save in the playoffs.  (Can you tell I'm proud?!)

I love my husband!
(I didn't get any still photos of Ken pitching today, so here's one from last year at Davis)

Congratulations to the Giants on a great season!