Thursday, June 21, 2012

Clear Lake 2012

Spending a week away from a computer (for the most part), then most of the next week glued to a computer (work), makes it surprisingly harder than I expected to sit down and write about my trip to Clear Lake.

I have a better understanding regarding why people don't always update their blogs!  Not that I've been a daily poster myself, of course.  Because sometimes the things I've been up to just doesn't seem even the slightest bit interesting and I can't even comprehend why anyone would want to read about what I've been doing.  And since I started this blog as a way to look back over the things I've done, they don't even seem like something _I_ would want to read about!!!

All that is a whole lot lot of words to say "I just haven't felt like I had much to talk about." :-)

But I did spend the previous week on vacation.  And a relaxing vacation it was, too.  So if you want to learn more, read on.  If not....well, I'll leave it up to you what to do.  :-)

Saturday Afternoon on the Lake

Our annual trip to Clear Lake is (luckily) rarely an action-packed story-filled trip.  It is more about hanging with family and friends in a very relaxing setting (Indian Beach Resort in Clearlake Oaks).

First, the Hounds (and bird):  They are the absolute KING and QUEEN(s) of relaxing.  They've spent their entire lives perfecting the art of relaxing.  They spend the week either sitting in the shade (or sun, if they're in the mood) watching the comings and goings of all of us.  We're very lucky because when both Ken and I are gone - either both out on the water, or one of us in our cabin and the other on the water, or whatever - they don't whine or bark.  At least that is what everyone tells us.  I've heard that Annie will sit up and watch for us, but they don't pester people.  The hardest time we have with them is when one of the other dogs is around.  Angus REALLY wants to play, but you know how Ridgebacks are....they like to tackle each other when they're playing.  And the other dogs are (at most) half their size.  But it all works out.  Our dogs need a chance to relax in the air conditioned cabin as much as we do, so we regularly bring them up there to hang out.  Annie stays in her crate and Angus stays on the sofa (we always bring sheets from home which we use to protect the furniture).  Not bad for a dog's life!

We do a whole lot of this - well, Angus likes to lie on the ground, but the rest of us sit in chairs...

Annie spends a lot of time watching...anything

And this was Angus's nightly spot...always with his ears at attention, sitting at the window, waiting for us to come back to the cabin.  And yes, that's Sydney in her cage next to Angus.

During the days the two dogs vie for a spot on a pad.  They usually get their own, but this time they both wanted the same one!

Now us:  We are also quite practiced at relaxing.  And after 18 years at Indian Beach Resort (we're pretty sure it's been 18 years - we figure it all out by remembering that we had our 1994 Sea Doo up in Glenhaven the first year, and the following year we moved to Indian Beach Resort.  So counting 1995 as the first summer, 2012 would be our 18th....if my math is correct!) we've got it down to an art form.

Arriving on Monday afternoon we unpack (what seems like the entire house) and settle in.  Tuesday usually includes a trip to the local Wal-Mart (not my favorite store, but the most convenient option for those items we "need" to have that we forgot at home - this year included tongs for flipping bacon - yum and  a lei to wear on one of our 'theme' nights - see what I mean...'important' things!).  By Wednesday we've truly settled into the routine which then repeats for the rest of the week:  wake up when we want, eat breakfast, meander out to the beach, ride a Sea Doo, read a book, make lunch, ride a Sea Doo, read a book, decide if it's cocktail hour yet, Ride a Sea Doo again, go out to the Relaxation Station with our first cocktail of the afternoon (at which time we're warm enough to brave a soaking in the cold lake), get sun while on the Relaxation Station, and chat with whomever is out there with you, and then it's somehow time for dinner (it feels like all we do is eat) which is a group event each evening, and after dinner we might start a Corn Hole tournament, a Pass The Pigs game, or just sit around talking and laughing and enjoying every one's company.

Ken's a good sport and lets me take pictures - this was a sunset picture, with me sitting in my chair looking up at him.

Ken in the Harbor master's chair

Self portrait with my buddy

When we all went out on the lake and floated (I'm on the pink floaty)

Ken on the tube
A few of us floating freely in the Relaxation Station

The men vs boys water fight

The girls don't do water fights :-)

In case you were wondering what a Cornhole game toss corn filled bean bags (does that make it a corn bag?) trying to make it in the hole (see the white hole at the top of the piece of wood I'm standing next to?).  You get points according to where the bag lands on the board or in the hole.  If you want to learn more about it...Official Cornhole website

As an end to our trip I'll leave you with this idyllic sunset view

Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Day Trip to Blu

This weekend was both relaxing and busy.  Ken and I ran a bunch of errands Saturday, felt like we were in and out of the truck a dozen times.  But we got a lot accomplished.

Sunday Ken played baseball (they won 1-0 and Ken hit the RBI in the first inning with a double) and I hit the road for another day trip to ride Blu.

I wonder if I should forget my camera more often as we had an AMAZING ride - though there are no visuals.  Guess you'll have to take my word for it.

It was quite hot for Aromas (80's) but a light breeze kicked in about 12:30 just in time for the lesson.  We spent about 15 minutes walking and jogging and doing basic limbering exercises then we moved into multiple lope transitions.  Oh, and yep, I brought my good gloves to ensure I didn't further damage my blistered finger from last week.  Using the draw reins can be tough for one as cordinatingly challenged as I am (is that a word?  Oh well, it is now.) but I managed pretty well.  It does make a difference for me to help get Blu collected.  I'm still in the baby steps portion of learning how to collect him using my body alone without the reins.  Someday....

Bottom line is that I was VERY happy at the end of my ride.  I cooled Blu out by walking him around the property checking everything out.  Fun.

Oh, and did I mention my new hat?

I bought it a few weeks ago but don't think I've shown a picture of it...

It's made by Blueburd Industries which is a Snow Wake Surf Company - and you know I couldn't pass up  this hat!  I'll be wearing it at horse shows, too, so maybe they'll be a Snow Wake Surf Horse Company!  :-)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day Trippin

Today I went to see Blu.  Makes for a great day!

I decided to turn him out when I got there to see what kind of energy he had going on.  I was going to lunge him, but figured that since the arena was available I'd go for that - and grab my camera, of course!

I'm glad I did.

Roundy (Kim - that caption's for Tim - from the Indy 500...)

Into the stretch

All four feet off the ground

Blu pauses for a moment

And the next one I liked the shadows on his face...

He was so fast I missed out on some shots - like this one - he's out of the frame.  But I liked it anyway.

And I wish this one was in focus...

Ah well, I did manage to get a short video clip - he sure seems to be having a good time!

Oh, yeah, I also rode him!  :-)  Had a great lesson and some really nice transitions.  Came home with a blister on a finger though.

Guess I have to toughen up!