Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day Trippin

Today I went to see Blu.  Makes for a great day!

I decided to turn him out when I got there to see what kind of energy he had going on.  I was going to lunge him, but figured that since the arena was available I'd go for that - and grab my camera, of course!

I'm glad I did.

Roundy (Kim - that caption's for Tim - from the Indy 500...)

Into the stretch

All four feet off the ground

Blu pauses for a moment

And the next one I liked the shadows on his face...

He was so fast I missed out on some shots - like this one - he's out of the frame.  But I liked it anyway.

And I wish this one was in focus...

Ah well, I did manage to get a short video clip - he sure seems to be having a good time!

Oh, yeah, I also rode him!  :-)  Had a great lesson and some really nice transitions.  Came home with a blister on a finger though.

Guess I have to toughen up!

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