Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Day Trip to Blu

This weekend was both relaxing and busy.  Ken and I ran a bunch of errands Saturday, felt like we were in and out of the truck a dozen times.  But we got a lot accomplished.

Sunday Ken played baseball (they won 1-0 and Ken hit the RBI in the first inning with a double) and I hit the road for another day trip to ride Blu.

I wonder if I should forget my camera more often as we had an AMAZING ride - though there are no visuals.  Guess you'll have to take my word for it.

It was quite hot for Aromas (80's) but a light breeze kicked in about 12:30 just in time for the lesson.  We spent about 15 minutes walking and jogging and doing basic limbering exercises then we moved into multiple lope transitions.  Oh, and yep, I brought my good gloves to ensure I didn't further damage my blistered finger from last week.  Using the draw reins can be tough for one as cordinatingly challenged as I am (is that a word?  Oh well, it is now.) but I managed pretty well.  It does make a difference for me to help get Blu collected.  I'm still in the baby steps portion of learning how to collect him using my body alone without the reins.  Someday....

Bottom line is that I was VERY happy at the end of my ride.  I cooled Blu out by walking him around the property checking everything out.  Fun.

Oh, and did I mention my new hat?

I bought it a few weeks ago but don't think I've shown a picture of it...

It's made by Blueburd Industries which is a Snow Wake Surf Company - and you know I couldn't pass up  this hat!  I'll be wearing it at horse shows, too, so maybe they'll be a Snow Wake Surf Horse Company!  :-)

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