Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Resting Ridgebacks

I don't seem to post many photos of the Hounds.  I thought I'd change that this week and show you some of the many ways a Rhodesian Ridgeback can relax.  

Don't let Annie's posture fool you - she's keeping an eagle eye on the neighborhood!

I grabbed my phone to capture this one - not the best quality, but it shows Angus in one of my favorite poses

Angus really enjoys a warm day and cool grass

Angus has to circle a few times before he knows exactly which spot is best

Looks like he's found the spot

but you have to wonder what his definition of "comfortable" is!

And yes, they weren't allowed on the furniture, but when we're at work they choose where they want to relax around the house.  And I have to agree with the choice of patio - it is super comfortable throughout the day.

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  1. Great pictures. They always make me smile. Give them kisses for me. Sue