Friday, April 8, 2011

The purchase.

My hands were shaking when I was filling out my part on the bill of sale and writing a check for the deposit.   I hadn’t even called my husband yet!  What’s with that?!  The night before, he’d looked at me and said “I have a good feeling about this horse.”  He’d seen the 28 second video that Nicole had posted, and the photos that she’d sent me.  He’d been through the countless other horses virtually and in person for a few of them even, with me chattering away in his ear any chance I could get.  I think he knew before I did that I was going to buy Blu.  He’s good that way.

So I called Ken.  He wasn’t home.  He was at baseball practice.  I left a message and called Sharon next.  I was driving but my MINI has built in Bluetooth so I was “hands-free” and legal.  Sharon and I talked (ok – she listened to me babble away) for 15 minutes.  I called Ken again and – success!  He was very happy for me.  He could tell I was grinning ear to ear.  Next it was Nancy, or was it Kim?  I can’t remember!  I was calling my favorite horse girlfriends in my excitement.

And a good thing too.  They had level heads.  Nancy and Kim both asked me when my vet check was.  I replied “vet check?  Uhhh….I forgot….I didn’t set anything up….” Hitting myself in the forehead at the same time.  Duh.  What to do now?  I called Todd and he said any respectable trainer would be fine with me requesting a vet check so I called Nicole and told her I’d totally forgotten to ask to get a vet check.  And since she IS a (very) respectable trainer she didn’t bat an eye and said “of course.”  She helped me locate a vet, I was even able to split the ranch call with someone else, and through some miracle (I later found out was because of some idiot animal abuser’s court case schedule mixup) I was able to have the vet check the very next day! 

Again, Fate.

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