Monday, April 18, 2011

Horse Clubs

In order to compete in the Arabian Horse Association shows you need to either be a “Competition” member or pay a $35 fee for EACH show you compete in.  Depending on the number of shows you compete in, the cost benefit is best if you become a member.  And to make things sweeter, if you become a member of a local club you get an additional discount.  So when I signed up as a Competition member I also signed up as a member of the local club, the Arabian Horse Association of Northern California  (AHANC).  

And because I’m a curious sort (yet am shy) for some reason I sent an email to the club asking for additional information about the club.  I was thinking they might tell me…heck…I don’t have any idea what I thought they might tell me.  But I got a response within 24 hours from a gentleman named Rik welcoming me to the club and inviting me to their meeting on April 6th.  I received another email the next day from Laura also welcoming me and inviting me to the meeting.

It was to be held at a Mexican Restaurant in Elk Grove, about 45 minutes from home.

Again, not sure why but I responded that I’d be there.

On April 6th Laura emailed me apologizing for the late notice but let me know due to multiple illnesses the meeting was rescheduled for April 11th.  I thought it was really nice of her to remember I was going to go and to let me know the meeting was rescheduled.  It showed organization and thoughtfulness and I truly appreciated it.

I really did go.  I met about 10 very nice people, all very welcoming.  The meeting was all board members and was mostly about the show they put on once a year.  It’s the Rancho Murieta show on Easter weekend that I’m bringing Blu to so he can get familiar with showing without the pressure and stress of actual classes.  So now I have a few people that I’ll recognize while I’m at the show (and a few of them said they recognized me – I’d have to guess it’s from seeing me while I’ve been with Sharon at all her shows for the last couple years.)

At the meeting it was nice hearing about what prizes they’ll be giving out to the winners, and that they’ll be having a Barn Party Saturday night and an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday morning, as well as a root beer float event one of the days (don’t remember which) and all the other things they’ve got planned.

Now to see if I remember names when I get there!

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