Thursday, April 7, 2011

My first ride.

I thought I was in heaven at that moment.  I have no idea what I said to Nicole right then.  But I was probably grinning like a loon (do loons grin?).

We walked off with Nicole at his head for about 20 feet before she went to the center of the arena.  We proceeded at a walk and Nicole coached me.  Since he’s green broke that meant he didn’t have is directions down well.  Turn was just a general thought.  A wall coming at him with me not telling him firmly enough which way to turn was just an obstacle to go by (with my knee rubbing the wall).  But still everything just clicked.

I’d ridden another 3 year old in my search and remember well telling the trainer that she was too young.  I wanted a horse that knew more than me.  HA!  All that went out the window with Blu.

Nicole was nice enough to find someone that would video my ride.  

So I’ll always have that first ride.

When my little slice of heaven was over I dismounted, searched my heart (it wasn't hard) and looked at Nicole and said “I want him!”  So much for sending the video to Todd to critique.  So much for showing Sharon and Kim and Nancy – the women who helped me through all the other horses I’d been to see and looked at on the internet.  So much for checking with my husband one last time before I took the plunge.

Growing up I almost always drew my horses with big bald faces, blazes that covered more of their face than not.  Horses with blue eyes always fascinated me (some people are turned off by blue eyes - HUH???).  And his pedigree – didn’t have any familiar names from Cre’s pedigree – but his Dam’s name was Ginger.  Ginger is the name of the Breyer model horse that’s been my favorite – you can tell because she is covered with scratches and worn spots – and I still have her. 

That’s fate, right?

I texted my trainer Todd: “I’m buying a horse. J” and his response “lol.  I’ll get the stall ready”

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