Sunday, May 1, 2011

Down Time

When the show is over and I’m home and unpacked.  When the laundry is done.  There are still things to do.

Oh – did I tell you? – We’re going to SANTA BARBARA again!  Yeah!  They’ve moved the dates of the show from Labor Day weekend to the middle of May since we’ve last been down there in 2001.  A few weeks ago we’d checked the calendar and realized it fell on a weekend in May that Sharon, Nancy and I were planning on and that we should do all we could to find a way to go.  Todd was good with it, so Sharon and I poured over the premium and picked out classes and we got ourselves a place to stay.  We checked with Nancy and she wanted to bring the filly she’s training, too.  We were set!

It’s been so many years since I showed with Cre, and when I did it was much more casual, it all feels new to me.  I came home from this show full of excitement for the next show.

I need to make sure I have what I need for the next show, though I already know that I’m going to be missing some critical things (like a show saddle!).  So I’ll be spending these couple weeks between shows checking my checklists and determining what I need to buy.  

I won’t be showing Blu in Santa Barbara, but if all goes well, Todd will show him in a junior class (horses 5 years and under).  So, while I don’t need to worry about getting myself prepared, I need to make sure Blu will be prepared for Todd.  Though Blu actually competing at the show is a big maybe.

I’ll be spending this “down time” betweens shows catching up with things and getting back into a rhythm.  And of course, I still have to go to work. 

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