Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No more horse shows for a while

Coming back from Santa Barbara is kind of like the day after Christmas.  You realize you have 364 more days until the next time and it’s so depressing!

I'm planning one more rated show – in Watsonville in August – and hopefully some schooling shows before then.  But really the rest of the summer will be spent getting Blu ready for next season’s show schedule. 

However, it isn’t like I have no more plans for the summer.  So I don’t know why I feel like the summer is already over before it’s really begun.  Sheesh.

This weekend was mostly spent at home with Ken.  Friday night we went out to dinner at Chili’s.  We haven’t eaten there in a while and I was craving the Chicken Ranch Sandwich (with the sauces on the side).  It’s nice to go and hang out in the bar, watch a game (the Sharks playoff game!) and have a cocktail while eating dinner.  We aren’t regulars, but we do go fairly regularly, if that makes sense.  We enjoyed watching the Sharks beat the Canucks – but they’re making the series a nail biter.  They’re now down 3-1.  They have to win 3 in a row.  Go Sharks!  (update - boo - they lost their bid to play in the Stanley Cup)

Saturday Ken and I worked in the yard.  I took the camper off the truck so we could go to Sierra Rock and Gravel to pick up a yard or two of tanbark.  The rain has really put us behind schedule in getting our yard ‘summer ready.’  We got the first load of tanbark and spread it out on the little hillside in the ‘main’ part of the yard.  It didn’t go nearly as far as we thought it would.  We debated about getting another yard but when we looked around we realized it was going to take at least 4 more yards of tanbark and we just weren’t prepared for that right then.  I called and found out they have free delivery if we get 5 yards so we decided to set up a delivery next Friday so we’d have the whole weekend to spread it around the yard.

We now had a pretty view out the family room window with the fresh tanbark.  And I cleaned up the tables and chairs on the patio.  All we needed to make it a true summer weekend was a barbecue.  So we went to the grocery store and picked up some supplies of course!

The Giants game started at 4pm Saturday and it added to the ambiance to have the game on the radio while we hung out and drank beer and ate chips and salsa.

The dogs relaxed on their beds in the sun, we relaxed on the chairs.  I had my Kindle and Ken had the paper.  When we got hungry Ken fired up the barbecue and I got some fresh corn on the cob ready (it conveniently came in our Farm Fresh to You produce box on Friday).

We were satisfied that we’d gotten some yard work completed, some errands done, and some quality relaxing time accomplished.

A perfect Saturday.

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