Monday, May 30, 2011

Saturday dawned overcast

2/3 of the tanbark

We spent a couple hours moving the tanbark from the driveway to the back yard Friday after work.   We probably got through 1/3 of the pile and it just covered part of the section by the pool.  The pile didn’t look as mountainous as we thought it would (which let us hope that we’d truly finish moving it all in one weekend) and we were still wondering if 5 yards would be enough (plus the 1 yard we got last weekend).  Only time would tell.

1/3 of the pile covered just this section

We’d ended our Friday night by having a shot of Tequila with our neighbor Kari who was celebrating her daughter Gracey’s graduation. 

Saturday we turned on the heater for the pool since there was no way the sun was going to heat it up enough to swim this weekend.  We HAVE to get in the pool on Memorial Day weekend.  I don’t think we’ve ever gone this long without already having at least one swim.  We were thinking that the pool was probably going to be warmer than the outside air.  (We were right.)

So, while the pool was heating up Ken and I spent another couple hours moving tanbark.  Ken compared the pile to a gas tank – you know how it seems to stay on Full for a long time, then once it gets to the half-tank mark it drops like a stone?  That’s what happened with the tanbark.  We were cruising along and all of the sudden we only had a few wheelbarrows left.  Yikes – it truly wasn’t enough to do everything we wanted, but it was close.  We’re both satisfied with what we got accomplished.

The dogs were locked out of the pool area - to their dismay

The timing was perfect.  We finished with the tanbark as the first drops of rain started to fall.  Yep – RAIN.  Sheesh - and 2pm was the luau party Kari and Stephan were throwing for Gracey’s graduation.  Luckily they have a great party house with a spacious gathering area so the rain didn’t put a damper on the party. 

Stephan did an awesome job smoking a 43 pound pig, too.  That porker was DELISH!  We had a great time hanging out at their place partying.

When we left it was steadily raining, we had a heated pool and hot tub, so we did what any self respecting person would do.  We went swimming.  Actually, we started out in the hot tub but the pool felt really nice too, so we got in.  It was probably 78 degrees – and since it was 56 degrees outside it felt GREAT!  I took a picture because the waterfall was steaming, too.  Looked like the hot tub.  It was crazy.

Does this look like Memorial Day weekend weather to you?  Me neither!

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