Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It’s time to make sure my I’ve put together my current lists.  I’ve got Truck Camper packing lists, day trip packing lists, horse show lists, lists, lists, lists.  I’ve been making lists as long as I can remember.  And my Mom and Dad keep as many lists as I do – Mom recently mentioned that it is probably a Pilot thing.  I was born into it!

I’ve spent literally years developing my lists.  I start with whatever I can think of and add to it each trip.  Whether that’s a camping trip, a horse weekend, or a vacation I’ve got a list for it.  They’re in Excel and cover everything from food and clothing to tools and now, grooming supplies and horse blankets and hoses and horse shampoo.

Before the Rancho Murieta show Sharon had said it was time for me to resurrect my lists from when we were going to horse shows all the time.  I had to go to my old computer to find the appropriate list.

From that list we used the Rancho Murieta show to fine tune things and plan what we’d be bringing to the Santa Barbara show.  And a good thing, too!  We found that we’d make our life a lot easier this time around if we brought some things for convenience – like a wheel-barrow, and a 100ft hose (at Rancho we’d had to put two 50ft hoses together and the connection wasn’t perfect so we either created a pond or filled half a muck bucket with the leaking water).

These lists have become invaluable and I will continue fine tuning them.

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