Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, it's only a day away!

It's 9:45pm the night before we leave and I'm finally packed.  The problem?  I'm trying to learn, tonight, how to connect my new keyboard (success) and my micro SD card reader (semi-successful) so I won't have to bring my laptop.

Right now I can see my photos on the SD card and I've downloaded one.  I just don't know where I downloaded it TO!!  Uh-oh.

If I can't find the photo then I can't attach it to my blog.  Which will make for a boring blog...

So my hope is that I'll learn how to locate my pictures soon, because I am NOT bringing my laptop.

Everyone should hope that I'll figure it all out.  :-)

But I don't need photos to thank our house sitters!  We're super lucky that we'll have our house occupied during our trip, our animals taken care of, and our plants watered.  Thank you!!!!!!

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