Saturday, May 17, 2014

Book Signing at the 2014 Rowell Ranch Rodeo

What a day!

Ken and I drove down to Hayward to the Rowell Ranch Rodeo (94th annual!) to spend the day as 'pit crew' for Emilie and all the rodeo royalty as well as man the Rocky the Rodeo Pony booth with Mark and Pam.

We pulled into the parking lot and Bill had the perfect spot for Rocky - even had police protection.  (The police horse trailer was right next to them.)

10am was the start of the Special Partners Rodeo - a great event for local children with mental or physical challenges to participate in rodeo events.  Brought back good memories of my late Aunt Shelly who had Down Syndrome.

The rodeo itself was exciting as usual.  I got a couple nice action photos and now that I am actually drawing and painting again, I'm hoping I can use one or two as inspiration!

When I wasn't helping with flags (the Queen runs sponsor flags around the arena between events and we help by putting the flag in their 'flag boot' and making sure the Queen has clear access to do her run) I was over with Mark Marchetti, the author of Rocky the Rodeo Pony at his booth.

My first ever book signing

Mark and his wife Pam were invited to set up their booth next to the Rowell Ranch booth.  A very nice spot.  Mark and I enjoyed the opportunity to sign books and meet little rodeo fans.

I loved all the parents and grandparents who came by to get books, but my favorite had to be this little boy.  He couldn't take his eyes off the book, and walked away from the booth like this....

He made my day

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