Thursday, May 29, 2014

Engelhartszell Aquarium and Abbey (found some photos)

I was just going through my photos and realized that I was missing a bunch of them.  Turns out my camera is still set to Pacific time so it put almost all my photos of Engelhartszell in the previous day's folder.  It was late when I was writing up that posting, so now that I've got not much to do but cruise through a bunch of locks I figured it was a good time to organize the room (we've been busy non stop since we got on the ship) and to organize my photos.

Thus I realized that while I mentioned Harry, I didn't show you photos of him/her.  Or the Abbey, or some of the other Engelhartszell activities.

Engelhartszell Police Station....glad I was just walking by and not visiting inside

The Abbey - Stift Engelszell

Inside is beautiful, it has two styles of painting

This Abbey also had what I found out are saints.  They were buried here (is it still being buried when you're in a clear coffin above ground?  I'm serious.  I don't know what to call it, truly) a long time ago

Not too often you see 20th century art on the ceiling of a church - this is in the cubist style

Here's more the traditional style

The herb garden that is used for the brewery

A nice little park that is about the Danube River Valley

9 meter long "Harry" the Sturgeon

The real thing - this is the 6ft long Harry

Here's Ken checking out the types of fish that are found in the Danube - he truly enjoyed this aquarium (as did I)

A real German Brown Trout....ok, it's a photo, but still, we're in Germany...

Picturesque view of the valley as seen from the Abbey

We're walking through the park, about to pass the 9 meter long Sturgeon

Ken enjoying the first of the two beers included in the tasting

I enjoyed the first of the two beers too.  Not the second.  That was one Greg and Ken liked though.

We all had a good time

They gave us a sample of cheeses (yummy 'stinky cheese') and Magenbitter - the guide said it would make you feel better when you were sick.  You'd drink it and either feel better, or throw it up and then you'd feel better too. So it was a win/win!  :-)  We haven't tried it yet - I think we'll have some good tastings once we reach Amsterdam and drink all the things we've purchased so far!

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