Friday, May 23, 2014

London Day 2

What a day!

First off, it's 3:15am and I woke up a while ago.  Don'tcha just love jet lag?  (me neither)  Here's our London Day 2 in pictures.  What a GREAT time.  Sore feet today though.

We're at the Tower of London - notice the lack of tourists?  We did too!  No lines at Crown Jewels - I mean NONE.  We were able to walk through them twice.  (no photos allowed)

Have to have a Raven at the Tower of London

More Tower photos

Ken and Greg outside the Fusiliers Museum (great exhibits)

Yolanda and me....a bit breezy

Greg and Yolanda

Ken and Kathy

The Bloody Tower - yep, we walked around inside.  People were shorter then....

We made it to Ken's Bucket List item

He's such a trooper - taking selfies with me

An early "boot" - temporary horse shoe from the 1st century - with extra tread grippers

Egyptian section

A stop in The Plough for a pint

I tried an Aspall Cider

Remind me that English Mustard is spicy (horseradish) - wasn't prepared and had slathered it on my burger) Ken had a Shepherd's Pie

Ken's London Pride pint (I love how they serve their beers in the appropriate glass)

Going DOWN into the Tube

St Paul's Cathedral

My own selfie at St Paul's

Iconic - even had a phone inside

Yes Bob, we made it to Harrods....but had to stop in the Ice Creamery 

Another for you Bob (the entire room was watches)

Walking by the Tower of London in the afternoon

Our hotel is right next to St Katharine Docks - had to take the photo op even if it isn't spelled quite right.

The obligatory photo of "Horselydown" - since it said horse - and this view changed according to the tide (we can see it from our hotel window)

An evening pint

At dinner

Great old rooms, our table was slanted (the floor, actually) so we HAD to use coasters or our glasses would slide off the table!

Hunter's creation (chicken with bacon) and chips.  Yum.

Sunset walk back to the hotel

And now I'll try to go back to sleep.  We're off to the London Eye and Westminster tomorrow, then catching our flight to Vienna!

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