Sunday, October 21, 2012

What a Fun Weekend

To camp, or see my horse?  

Why not both?

Those were the questions, and that's how it worked out.  We haven't been camping all year, which in a normal year would be unheard of.  But now that I'm so involved in my horse it's become more of the 'norm.'  And since we both had such a good time I'm thinking that we'll need to build a few more camping trips into our schedule.  

The camper has been turned into more of a horse show-mobile than a camping-mobile in recent years, so this Friday was a bit of a refresher in getting back into camping mode.  We did pretty well.  Luckily we were just going for an overnight, so even if we'd forgotten something crucial, it wouldn't put us out for long.  And the only thing I can think of that we left at home that had any impact (small as it was) was butter.  Yep, butter.  That's it.  Meant we couldn't have toast.  I mean, I guess we could have had toast, but it would have been super dry.  Blech!

Where did we go, you're wondering.  A quick jaunt to Collins Lake, including using the new Lincoln Bypass on Highway 65, and we were in our campsite, right on the water.  Well, maybe not RIGHT on the water...since the lake is quite low this time of year.  But if the water were at its peak we would have been right on the water!  :-)

We had camp set up in minutes, fishing gear ready for the morning, and for dinner I tried a recipe that a friend told me about on Thursday - super simple, and turned out to be pretty darn yummy.  Mexican Chicken Casserole (for lack of a better name) - I'd cooked (boiled) and shredded some chicken breasts Thursday night, and the rest of the ingredients were brought along in their store bought form: bagged, canned, jarred or boxed.  A bag of shredded cheese.  A can of Cream of Chicken soup.  A jar of Salsa.  A box of corn taco shells (which I then had fun crushing).  That's it.  I mixed it all in a disposable aluminum pan, covered it with foil and baked it for 30 minutes at 325.  Served it in the remaining (un-crushed) taco shells.  Easy as that.  I probably should have had some greenery with it - a salad or something.  But I was going for the totally lazy  simple meal.

We played a few games of Pass the Pigs - which I think we split fairly evenly - and had an early night.  In the morning Ken was up early, out in his float tube, fishing.  I felt a bit bad when he came back to camp at one point saying he'd had a fish on for a second but the line snapped, because I'd tied that fly on.  But who knows, it could have been one of the giant fish they have in the lake, and the line was 5x, so it might not have held.  At least that's what I'm telling myself so I don't worry too much about the knot I tied failing.  Ah well.

I enjoyed my morning sitting in the sun with the dogs. 


They had their dog beds.  Heaven forbid Angus lay in the DIRT.  Not a chance.  He's not a big fan of dirt.


Annie, on the other hand, loves nothing more than a dust bath.  

I played with my phone and the different types of photos it can take.  I'm not happy with my Razr's camera - the photos are hard to take in focus.  And they're very dark.  But it was what I had with me.  Hopefully I'll get plenty of practice taking phone photos and will learn the tricks of this phone.  I've heard nothing but good things about the Razr's camera, so I'll just have to see.
Can you spot Ken in this photo?

It does have some cool features - this one is called 'solarize'

These are actually two different photos - but Annie stayed in almost the same pose because she was watching a ground squirrel in the next campsite.  Not much comes between her and keeping an eye on rodents!

Because we were only camping for one night we had to be out of our site by noon.  We pulled out at 11:50am.  Just about perfect timing.  Gave us plenty of daylight back at home, including time to go pick out a pumpkin!  

I've been getting a craving for home made pumpkin seeds.  And who doesn't like to carve a good Jack-o-Lantern?!

We'd bought some pumpkin teeth recently so I needed to come up with some design that would show them off appropriately.  

Here's what I came up with.

All that, and I still had one more day of my weekend to go!

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