Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Camping AND Riding - What a Weekend

Enjoying the beautiful day with our hounds

This past weekend I was able to enjoy two of my favorite pastimes:  Camping and riding my horse.


We'd had a camping trip planned for months - staying in the Capitola area, camping at New Brighton State Beach with some friends.  We left home about noon on Friday and managed to miss most of the San Jose/Santa Cruz commute traffic somehow.  I'm still not sure exactly how, since we were in San Jose at 3pm.  But other than some traffic on the Mission Blvd connector to 880, shortly after we got on Highway 17, and the couple miles we were on Highway 1, we really had no traffic issues.  Nice!

We set up camp and walked around enjoying the view and the sunset over the Pacific.  We went into Capitola for dinner - ate at a very good sushi restaurant - Geisha - and the Albacore from Monterey Bay was out of this world.  I mean truly amazing.

Saturday we shopped in Capitola and got the best seats in the house at a pub called the Britannia Arms to watch the Giants World Series Game 3.  We were with great friends and surrounded by a hundred of the best Giants fans!  What an experience!

Here's the camping portion of the trip in pictures:

Annie KNOWS there are squirrels here somewhere.

Angus patiently waiting to go for a walk

Annie and Angus each looking for squirrels

Looking towards Moss Landing at Sunset

Saturday morning sunshine - the dogs are still looking for squirrels

Annie figured out where they live!

Angus isn't sure about this ocean thing - he wants dry sand under his paws

 On the other hand, Annie is POSITIVE she doesn't like this ocean thing - she's out of the water before it gets her!

 Triumphantly looking at the waves leaving her alone

 On the bridge overlooking Capitola

And we can't forget the pumpkin!  It was the weekend before Halloween!

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