Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No Horse Show This Weekend

How weird to not be at the DAHA Fall Horse Show this past weekend.   I'd made the decision a while ago, when planning out the 2012 show schedule, that the DAHA show would be optional, dependent on how many other shows I participated in.  Basically, I had reached my self-imposed limits on shows with the Regional Championship show in July, so I opted not to show at DAHA.  Do I regret it?  Kinda.  I have SO much fun at horse shows I was second-guessing myself even up to the weekend before the show - but I knew I couldn't take the last minute days off work, not to mention the cost of post-entering a show, and myriad other things that just didn't make it possible.

Alas, other than the occasional schooling show over the winter, it'll be a horse show-less (is that a word?) winter.

However, it won't be a HORSE-less winter!  I'm looking forward to another visit to Blu this weekend, and have had a few others over the last month or so.

Our lessons have been going really well.  Blu is learning about a new style of bit - the Western Curb - that he'll be required to show in starting next year.  Once he turns six he will not be allowed to show in the Bosel or Snaffle, which is all he's known, to this point.

Here's Blu the first time he had a Curb bit in his mouth.  I think he looks like he's wondering what the heck it's all about!

I'm not yet riding him in the Curb - it's all about Todd teaching Blu what's what first.  THEN it'll be my turn to be taught what's what!  Since I've never really ridden with a single hand before, I'll be learning from scratch.  I mean, I have done a tiny bit of riding single handed - that first show at Watsonville on Danny a few years ago - and when I was riding Arista she was in a Curb.  But I'm not really counting those half-dozen or so rides.

And speaking of Curb Bits.  I'm saving up for the expense of a show bit, and show reins.  Ugh.  Lucky for me my parents gave me a birthday present last year that I've been saving expressly for this expense (Thanks again Mom and Dad!).  And I'll be going to Cowboy Christmas in Vegas again this December, so I'm hoping to have an opportunity to shop a large selection there - where I can touch and feel the items (rather than Internet shopping - where pictures just don't allow you to feel the balance of a bit).  I think I posted this picture before, but this bit is an example of what I'll be looking for:

Alas, the shopping will have to wait - the lessons need to come first.

Speaking of lessons - I was just looking for photos from my most recent lesson, but I can't find them.  I'm thinking I might have deleted them by accident!  Yikes!

Guess I'll need to take more this weekend!  (gee, darn)

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