Monday, August 27, 2012

50 Years x2

Having celebrated our own 21st Anniversary this summer, and thought "it couldn't be THAT long ago we got married!" I wonder if my parents and my in-laws feel the same way about their own marriages?

Both my parents and Ken's parents celebrated their 50th Anniversary this summer.  My parents celebrated in May and Ken's parents celebrated on Saturday.

My Mom and Dad have been gallivanting around the world (it can only be called gallivanting when you're travelling the world on a cruise ship for 105 days) ( so our celebration was more long distance.

Ken's parents chose to have their 50th Anniversary party at our house.  The whole Lordier family was here.  All 4 siblings and their families.  And Toni's brother and sister-in-law joined us too.

We took the opportunity for a family portrait.  Casual style.  My favorite!

I love this photo, as I love my In-Laws.  They're special people and I count my blessings to have them for my family.

My wonderful co-worker Robin made the Anniversary cake as well as my nephew's birthday cake.  Both beautiful AND delicious.  

The girls got some quiet time in the pool.  Weather was perfect as was the company.

Bob and Toni (in gold, of course) relaxing and enjoying the warm weather

Horsing around in the pool

Bob and Toni cutting their cake - 50 years to the day!

I sure hope that Ken and I can follow in both our parent's footsteps.  They're both wonderful, fabulous and  amazing couples.

Ken and I wish them both many more years of happiness.  Love to you all!

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  1. Thanks, Kathy & Ken! May you have 50 years also! It's really not that hard. Yeah, right!