Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Watsonville Show - Saturday and Sunday

Saturday and Sunday's show was the "All Amateur Show" meaning professionals (like Todd) couldn't compete.  It was all about US, the amateurs, doing the showing.  With our trainer along the rail to offer encouragement or suggestions and congratulations.

Here's the show in pictures.....

Team Azevedo! (Sunday morning)  

It is truly amazing to have such wonderful people to share my passion with.  Everyone in this photo is AWESOME!

Here is Cabbie, still in the show arena at 28.  Too bad Cre isn't still around to hang out with Cabbie like old times.

They head into the Arabian Hunter Pleasure class

The judge (in cowboy hat) talking to Nancy's daughter after her Arabian Hunter Pleasure class

Me and my best friend.  :-)

I had a good view of the arena, while keeping Blu company Sunday morning before our class.

One of my favorite views - through the ears of my horse

After our classes were over Sunday afternoon, heading back to our barn - three happy girls on horseback

I leave you with this photo from Sunday afternoon.  Smiles everywhere.


  1. I can tell you enjoy shows with comes through in your pictures, writing and especially your smile.