Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 Watsonville Show (aka GCAHA) - Friday

This year's Watsonville show was at least as fun as last year's show.  Maybe you're getting tired of hearing how much fun I have at the horse shows.  But it's true, I do have so much fun, sometimes I want to pinch myself.   (but that hurts so I don't!)

The show is held at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Watsonville (thus "the Watsonville show") and the weather was quite different than at home.  When I was packing up this week I had to wait until after 8pm when the sun was no longer beaming down on the camper and the temperature was down to a 'cool' 95!  Compared to the 104 daytime temps, that was cool!  But Watsonville was in the 50s overnights and mid 60s to very low 70s (when the sun was out).  I forgot to bring a jacket - just had a sweatshirt.  Luckily I was able to borrow a jacket, which I wore all weekend.  Now, I'm not complaining about the weather, mind you!  It was really, really nice to not worry about sweating my patootie off in the hot show outfits like I did in Reno!

The weather also made it easier on Blu since it's his 'home' weather.  No sniffles or such at THIS show!

Going to pick up my first blue ribbon Friday.  Had the best ride to date!  Blu was amazing and I was totally relaxed.

There it is!  (and you can see the first of what turned out to be many blue ribbons on the barn wall - we were blessed)

Here you can see my camper in the background - third from left - while Todd rides Blu to warm up before their class Friday

Blu in one of the groom stalls waiting patiently for his first-ever Halter class

Halter class?  You're wondering, what the heck is that and why'd ya do it?  Right?

Well, why not?  The show was really small this year (weird) and they were not charging post entry fees to encourage people to add classes.  But really, the clincher was when I realized it was a Sweepstakes class.  That meant that I could get points (which equals money) for the Sweepstakes program that the Arabian Horse Association sponsors.  Todd was a great sport and took Blu into the class and he stood up really nicely.  Even if he (Blu) didn't have a clue what it meant to run around on the end of the show lead.  I took a video which I'll have to put here someday.

Here's our barn wall Friday night - one of the big red ribbons is from Blu's Halter class - Reserve Champion!

What's the only semi disaster of the whole weekend?  Um, how about I forgot that I had the Bosel and show bridle at home?!  (did you notice Blu was being ridden with a snaffle bit?  Borrowed, because MY show snaffle was in the same bag as the headstall and Bosal.  Sigh.  This is the last show that I'll be able to ride Blu in either a snaffle or Bosal (in Western, at least).

Next up - Saturday

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