Monday, July 30, 2012

The Championship Game(s)

You may have wondered how the Championship game went since I haven't updated this recently.

It's hard to be upset when you realize the team from Pacifica, a town that had never had a Little League team make it to the finals, beat every team, including the team that ended up winning the whole thing.  They just didn't beat them twice.  But, hey, they did an AWESOME job.
Some of Spencer's support squad

I enjoyed every (nail biting at times) minute of the whole week.

Spencer warming up Thursday

Debbie with her cheer - thingy (boy am I bad - one of the Mom's made those for each of the kid's Moms, whatever you'd call them)

The teams and Umps lined up just before the National Anthem

Thursday was the first of what turned out to be two Championship games.  It was a VERY close game.  Stayed 0-0 through 4 innings.  In the 5th Woodcreek scored two runs, which proved to be enough.  It ended with a score of 2-0.

Spencer playing 2nd base Thursday

Friday's game was the tie breaker.  Since both Pacifica American and Woodcreek had each lost one game (to each other), it was winner take all.  Pacifica American scored in the top of the first, but that ended up as their only run.  The final was 11-1.  Bummer.  But Spencer played very well.  He got a couple hits, and I even have a video of his double down the first base line.  Check it out:

After the game was over Ken and I went to his cousin's to celebrate our 21st Wedding Anniversary.  Yep, we've been married 21 years!  Whoo Hoo!

While the day wasn't exactly what we planned when we'd been deciding what to do to celebrate, it was still a fantastic day.  We were able to spend a good portion of the day with family that we don't usually get to hang out with.  We've seen Aunt Jan and Uncle Al more in the last week then we probably have in a few years!  Same with Joe and Heidi and certainly Debbie and Spencer.  Pretty cool!

What better way to celebrate, than with family?

On our 21st Anniversary

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!! Sorry that Spencer and team didn't win it all. But at least it was close.