Saturday, July 7, 2012

T minus 1 Day

It's the day before I head to Reno for the Region 3 Championship Arabian Horse Show.

Am I ready?

Absolutely!  How's that for confidence!  

Do you believe me?  

My biggest concern is hoping I won't get a case of the nerves before my classes. I tell myself that everyone else in the classes with me are amateurs and in the same boat (ok, arena) I'm in.  And each class is only about 15 minutes long so I can make it through it.  

As for packing....nope, I'm not ready.

Here's a picture of the hallway Friday night.  PART of my staging area, and doesn't include all the stuff I brought down to the ranch to travel in the trailer.  Next stop for this stuff... the camper or truck, depending on what I think needs to go to the hotel vs. what can stay in the camper.

I've been trying to decide how much clothing I can leave in the camper in case I want to change during the day or just store in the camper and bring to the hotel when I need it.  But I think I'm over thinking the packing portion.  Packing for a regular horse show is so much easier.  Packing for a week long horse show is something new.  But it's not like I will be in Timbuktu (or wherever my parents are today on their World Cruise) so I can buy something if I need to.

I have checked the weather and it'll be HOT all week in Reno.  Highs of 100 on Wednesday and Thursday and a chance of Thunderstorms on Saturday.  High 90s every other day.

Still not sure what time I'm leaving Sunday.


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