Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Next Stop is the Championship Game

First I wanted to point out some of the signs at the Rancho Murieta Baseball Complex regarding Sportsmanship.

 I've heard many examples recently of poor sportsmanship and I appreciate seeing someone promoting good sportsmanship. 

Now that I'm off that soapbox, I've been thinking of the best way to write up last night's game where Spencer's team, Pacifica American played Woodcreek, the local Roseville team.  I 'm going to try something different.  

Because my In-Laws couldn't be here to watch the tournament I have been texting them updates throughout each game.  Last night I sent quite a few, and am thinking that they might help show the timeline and my excitement (or angst) fairly well.  Yes, I've edited them a bit.

I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did:

6:22pm Got Spencer to the field in plenty of time for his game.  My stress (slight) is gone :-) game starts @ 7:30.  Will keep you posted.

7:21pm Spencer warming up (with picture)

7:54pm End of 1st.  0-0.  We're visitors

8:07pm Spencer singled for a 2 out rbi to make it 2-0.  End of 2nd.

I was lucky to video Spencer's RBI single

Spencer's on 2nd in this photo

The fans - Can you spot Ken, Gary and Jan?  Anyone else you know?

 8:43pm Struck out on a called strike that was WAY outside.  2-1 middle of 4th
(Note:  The umpires are human, but boy was it hard to watch Spencer walk away from the plate when I (and others) believed the pitch was a ball.  I've got to give Spencer lots of credit.  He didn't complain, throw a bat, or anything.  He took the call with grace.  Talk about Sportsmanship!)

9:01pm #25 hit a 3 run home run!  5-1.  Middle of 5th

9:29pm omg.  Gave up 4 runs. Spencer made a force out at home plate to end inning.  Tied 5-5

9:44pm Spence hit by pitch.  Fine.  Andrew hit grand slam!  I'm dying of stress.  10-5.  Middle of 6.  Omg.  AMAZING game!
(Note: another player hit a bomber home run right after that, but I don't remember his name/number.  I think it was # 25 again because he hit two home runs in the game.)

9:55pm Spence catching entire game.  Woodcreek player strikes out (picture).  Bases loaded.  10-7.  2 outs.

Can you feel the stress everyone (on both sides) was feeling at this point???  The bases were LOADED.  Woodcreek was down by 3 runs.  A Grand Slam would win it.  A solid base hit could tie it!!!  How was it going to play out???!!!!!


9:57pm Strike out looking to WIN!!!!!!

Hooray!!!!  Pacifica American WON!

(Note: my last text at 9:57pm is an example of text messaging without proper punctuation and how it can be misinterpreted... The way I meant it was "the player struck out looking (didn't swing his bat), Pacifica WINS!!!"  The way it was interpreted was "Need a strike out.  Looking to WIN!!" and this was my last text of the night.  My poor In-Laws were waiting to hear if they got the strike out they were looking for and if the team won.  They finally were able to get through on the phone to find out that in fact, Pacifica American HAD WON!)  

I've learned my lesson and will try to take more care on future texts!  Sorry for the torture I put you through DMIL!!! :-)

The series is a double elimination series.  That means that teams have to be defeated twice to be out of the series. 

Lets hope, pray and put positive energy out there for Pacifica American who will now play Thursday night for what we hope will be the Northern California Division 2 Championship for 9 and 10 year olds. 

Go Pacifica!!!

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