Sunday, January 1, 2012

Las Vegas Week - Shopping

Now that you've seen and heard about our trip in general I thought I'd spotlight parts.  I'll start with the shopping!  <grin>

I don't know if the picture below can give you an idea of the size of just ONE of the shopping "events."  I'm standing near the isle markers which are in the center of the row.  Can you see how far it is to the back wall?  Imagine twice that distance for depth, and something like 20 (yes, twenty) rows, for width.  Had to be 10 times the size of the HorseExpo in Sacramento.  And that is just Cowboy Christmas at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  There was also the NRS shopping at the MGM Conference Center, Mandalay Bay shopping in their Conference Center, and Sands shopping - the only one we didn't get to.

 The hat is one I'm getting custom made - this one is obviously a bit too big, has a few other features I didn't want....but the color was like nothing I've seen before and I HAD to have it.

 On Wednesday morning we got to Cowboy Christmas before they opened the doors (same with Mandalay Bay shopping on Thursday morning).

I looked for a Bosel for Blu and loved this one - simple yet has some nice silver - with different Mecate reins.  But decided to save the money for something I'd be able to show with for more than just one "Junior Horse" year.

I looked for "dressy" boots for days and on Thursday morning found these at Mandalay Bay - I bought them (actually the ones I bought have a pointy toe and cool heel) and ended up wearing them all night after the wedding.  I think they looked really cute with my dress!!!  And they were comfortable right out of the box.  Can't beat that!

If only.......  

Alpaca saddle blankets!  This couple (she's on the right) weaved their own goods.  I could have used the saddle blanket as a pillow it was so soft.  But I couldn't pull the trigger on the price.  Maybe if I ever make Nationals I'll treat myself to the blue one.  But for now I've contented myself by buying my Mother In Law a wonderful Alpaca blanket.

On Friday when Todd joined us for some shopping he showed me what to look for in Western Show bits.  Balance and Angle.  This bit had them both.  And Beauty.  I took the picture so I could gaze upon it at will!  Until it maybe becomes mine some day.  

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