Monday, January 16, 2012

6 Weeks Since I've Seen Blu

Last weekend I went down with Sharon and enjoyed some fabulous weather at the ranch.  I couldn't ride because I'm still not cleared by the doctor but I enjoyed time with Blu.

Watching from the sidelines takes some getting used to!

It's been 6 weeks since I'd been down to see him.  Yikes.  I never want to go that long again.

And yes, I do totally miss riding.  It was tough to watch Todd riding, knowing that I wouldn't be getting in the saddle at all.  And seeing how nicely Blu was going on Saturday, too.  Sheesh.

I did take some video.  Though I forgot to recharge the battery before the trip so I wasn't able to take as much as I would have liked.

I asked Sharon if she wanted to ride Blu, too.  The last (and only other) time she rode him it was because he was being a pill so I thought it would be nice if she got a chance to ride him when he wasn't (a pill).  And to ride him in the Bosel.

Sharon on Blu

Sunday was Brrrr cold and Blu was not appreciating being the first one out.  The wind was up, too.  Doesn't make for the best riding conditions.  But Todd worked him through his moments.  And I got a few more photos.

Blu thought there was something in the bushes - but he was standing square and it looked pretty.  Click!

For my next visit I should be able to start riding.  The doctor said  if I can jog then I can get in the saddle and ride for 5-10 minutes.  Five to ten MINUTES?!?!  I'll barely be in the saddle and the time will be up!  But she says I can build up from there.  So by the second day I should be at an hour, right?!!!

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