Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Las Vegas Week - Rodeo

I tried to condense five nights of rodeo into one series of photos and a video.  Included is a short write up on some of the events, from what I know (or THINK I know.  HA!).  It's probably 1/2 wrong, and as book authors say in their Acknowledgements "Any mistakes are mine and are not the fault of anyone else."

Opening the Rodeo each night was a parade of all the competitors.  They all rode in, single file, following their state flag, while the announcer introduced them.  It's high speed and they all end up tightly grouped and then race out to kick off the night.

Team Roping - The Cowboy in the white shirt (Header) ropes the calf's head and the Cowboy in the purple shirt (Heeler) ropes the calf's two back legs (not just one - that's a 5 second penalty) and stops the calf.  It's a timed event - fastest team wins.

Saddle Bronc riding - 8 seconds of Ouch.

Calf Roping - the Cowboy has to rope the calf, run to it, flip it onto its side then tie three legs together , get back on his horse and loosen the rope, giving the calf 6 seconds to try to get a leg free.  If it can't get free, it's considered a complete ride.   

This is what they call a commercial at the Rodeo.  Each flag has a sponsors name on it and the Rodeo Queens (I assume) all ride black horses at full speed around the arena ending in this straight line.  That's my kind of commercial!!  It's done right before the Barrel Racing.

Barrel Racing - The ladies ride lightning fast horses around 3 barrels as fast as they possibly can, without knocking over a barrel.  Really exhilarating!

The Rodeo ended on Saturday the 10th with the awards presentation at the end of the night.  It was well worth staying to watch.  Rodeo Queens rode out on black horses with very sparkly prize saddles and raced around the arena.  They all lined up in a V and dismounted while a Dodge truck parked behind them.  The announcer introduced each division winner (bronc, steer wrestling, team roping, barrel racing, etc) as he or she came out and mounted up on the horse with his/her prize saddle.  And one Cowboy won the Dodge Truck!  (All that was in addition to the cash they won each night!)

The saddles on these horses were awarded to the winners of each division.

The final presentation was to Trevor Brazile.  He earned his 9th World Championship Gold Buckle!

And with that, I hope you enjoy my short (amateur) video:

Final night of the 2011 National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas

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