Sunday, January 8, 2012

Las Vegas Week - The Elvis Wedding

Our wedding day has to rank up at the very, very top of my favorite days ever.

We did our Vegas Elvis wedding RIGHT.

Hair and makeup, Limo, a great Elvis, dinner and clubbing....

After shopping for a few hours at Mandalay Bay we got back to the MGM in time for the limo to pick  Sharon and me up and bring us to Viva Las Vegas where we were pampered by having our hair and makeup done.  Sara and Yolanda came from Off The Edge Salon and if you click the salon's link you can see the two wonderful ladies.  Sara is on the left and Yolanda on the right.  They were dolls!  Such fun, and talented too!  Sara did our makeup and Yolanda, our hair.  I wish I could have them around all the time!

I am not usually one to like photos of myself, but having my hair and makeup done professionally can make a difference!

The men traveled in style, too.  The limo picked them up at the MGM and brought them to the chapel in time for the ceremony.  When they arrived they joined up with an amazing group of friends who came all the way to Las Vegas for the wedding!

It was a nice stretch limo!

We chose a 6:00pm wedding in the Garden Chapel at Viva Las Vegas Weddings because it looked so pretty with all the twinkling lights.

Describing the wedding would be inadequate, I believe.  Watching it, on the other hand, would make you feel like you were there.  Shortly after we got back from Vegas I posted the video to my YouTube channel so you may have already seen it.  But in case you haven't (or want to see it again) - Enjoy!  (We did!)

Turns out we had a popular Elvis, too.  He was in Katy Perry's video "Waking up in Vegas" and our wedding included a couple "firsts" for Viva Las Vegas.  First Elvis wedding in their Garden Chapel and First double wedding officiated by Elvis.  Fun!

"Our" Elvis is at about the 1:11 mark

The chapel had our names up in lights, too.  "Sharon & Bill Married 10 Years" and "Kathy & Ken Married 20 Years"  We heard quite a few horns honking while we were out taking photos.  Not many can say they've had their name up in lights on the Las Vegas Strip!  

Mom took this photo and I love that the four of us are in it!  

After the wedding we got in the limo again (such suffering!) and went back to the MGM where we had reservations at Emeril's New Orleans Fish House.  May I just say "YUM!"  We had a round table for 12 (that easily fit an extra person) that was perfect.  The company was fabulous and the meal was divine.

The "Newlyweds"

After dinner:  the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay.

What a way to finish off a most memorable day!

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