Friday, October 28, 2011

Show Season Recap

I've been thinking back over the 2011 show season with Blu.  He's done such a good job that I have to remind myself that he's only 4.

Blu attended his first show in April (Rancho Murieta) where he got his first exposure to the "show experience."  I remember thinking about how young he was and how much I enjoyed just leading him around so he could see it all.  He was "hot" - snorting and wide eyed at everything while walking around.  Then he caught a cold and quieted down.  We'd hoped that would help in the future so he'd just remember the quiet part.  (I think it probably did.)

Then I took him to Santa Barbara for what would turn out to be his first time entering the show ring as a competitor - and it was an A Rated show.  He went in two classes with Todd riding and I couldn't have been happier with the experience.  You could tell he was totally green but it was such a good experience.

Then I got to ride him myself in a schooling show in July at Woodmyst Farms.  I was SO excited to be competing on him myself.  I learned a lot and totally enjoyed myself and Blu was a pleasure to hang out on.

Next was the Gold Coast show in Watsonville in August.  Like the other shows it was three days of classes but this time he was entered in classes each day.  Blu got his first blue ribbon with Todd riding.

In September he took his longest trailer ride, out to Carson City, Nevada for the Comstock show.  The way the show was scheduled we only showed on Saturday.  We got TWO blue ribbons - with me riding.  How crazy is that?

And the final show of the season was DAHA in October.  He had such nice rides with Todd and with me.  Blu and Todd got third in the big Open class and I got third in my biggest class, too.  Still smiling about that.  And it was pretty cool to hear compliments from other trainers, too.  Now I know what it's like for Sharon since she's been hearing compliments from other trainers about Nazz for years.  Pretty neat!

Now we're done showing for the 2011 season.  But the work isn't over.  We'll spend the winter training for 2012, Blu's final year as a Junior Horse.

I can't wait for next year!!!!!!!

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