Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rocky Gets A Flying Lead Change Lesson

Sunday Bill's horse Rocky got a lengthy lesson on flying lead changes.  

Todd rode Rocky for a couple hours, working on flying lead changes off and on starting before Sharon and I had our lessons and continued through our lessons.  It was interesting to watch and learn.  

Todd started out with simple changes.  Lope one direction, break down into a jog then go into the lope in the other direction on the correct lead.  Repeat as necessary.  From there Todd progressed to directing Rocky at the fence any time he was going to ask for a lead change.  If he wasn't going to ask he didn't head towards the fence and would just circle.  Heading towards the fence was designed to force Rocky to make a decision, and Todd would prepare Rocky to make the correct decision by opening up his leg (taking it off Rocky's side) in the direction he wanted him to go.

It was a great learning experience (for me AND Rocky).

Since I don't have my usual camera anymore I thought I'd use my phone.  I took some photos and video.

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