Saturday, November 26, 2011

Watching from the sidelines

My Blu

Saturday I woke up stiff and sore.  Todd's knee was swollen too.  But since he's the trainer he was all about getting in the saddle.

Me?  No thanks.  My back hurt, my ankle hurt (must have twisted it when I hit the ground) and my wrist was oozing.  I figured I've got a trip to Vegas, our wedding and many, many more rides ahead of me.  So I opted to not attempt to ride.  I knew with the injuries I had I'd heal fairly quickly and I didn't want to chance making anything worse.  And yes, right after I'd come off and while I was standing there assessing my injuries I wondered if I should get on immediately.  But I'm not afraid, I just want to be sure I'm not going to injure myself further if I got back on and he spooked or something and I didn't have the strength to control him (or myself).

So I watched from the sidelines.

And took pictures.

I just love this shot of Cody and Blu from Saturday morning.  I wonder how long it will be before his head is over Blu's withers?

Father and Son

Todd lunged Blu

Changing directions

Playing with my camera I took some video of the lunging 

Love the sunlight edging Blu

When Blu was all done with his workout he was a bit sweaty

When Sharon's and Blu's lessons were all done it was time to pack up.  I needed to head back to the Bay Area to pick up Ken and Sydney (Ken and Tim and Kim were helping their neighbors move).  After giving everyone hugs and making plans for next weekend Ken and I went to Super Burrito (in Millbrae) - best burritos anywhere and a must-stop for Ken whenever he's in the area.  I enjoyed their Super Nachos (well, only 1/2 a plate - it's a huge plate).

The drive home was uneventful.  Ken drove, though I wonder if I might have felt better if I'd driven.  Not because of his driving, mind you!  Being able to hold onto the steering wheel over some of the bumps might have been easier on my back.  It hurt less when I drove from the ranch to Millbrae, than when I was riding as a passenger from Millbrae to Roseville.

Sunday I'm spending on the sofa with my feet up and an ice pack on my back.  I feel pretty good when I don't move.  But I've been sneezing and each time I do it just kills my back.  Argh!

Mom says I should get checked out just to make sure things really are ok.  So I'll call my doctor tomorrow and see what she says.  (Thanks for the push Mom.  I love you too!)  My bet - the doctor tells me I pulled a muscle - it's what she says every other time I've gone in when my back is out thinking I have a pinched nerve or disk or whatever.  The pain I'm in now is exactly the same as those times.

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