Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cal game with Andy and Becky

This weekend was spent clos(er) to home.  Saturday Ken and I drove down to visit our friends Andy and Becky in Berkeley.  Ken and Andy go to a Cal game together every year (and Becky and I usually go to the movies) but this year they included the girls.  Cal is playing this season at AT&T Park in San Francisco while their stadium is being redone.

The game's kickoff was at 4pm so it worked out perfectly for Ken and I to have a leisurely morning at home, hit the road at 10am and get to Berkeley by noon.  We then all drove over to The City hoping to get a decent parking place and find someplace to have lunch before the game.

We succeeded.

We parked right across the street from Hi Dive and our timing was perfect because a table for 4 opened up as we walked in the door.  They serve brunch until 2:30 and it was 1:45 - so we had a round of cocktails while we waited for the lunch menu to be available!  Their Mai Tai was delish.  Becky enjoyed a Lemon Drop and Andy and Ken had beer.  I'd recommend it for lunch if you're near Pier 28.  Especially the hamburger (I had the F-Line burger - with cheddar cheese, bacon, grilled onions and BBQ sauce). The BLTA was good, the fish tacos not great and the bacon wrapped prawn appetizer was ok, but not great either.  If you go, get the hamburger (and fries).

Becky and I waiting to cross the street.

We walked from there to the ball park and got to our seats just in time to watch the Bears run out on the field.

Becky and Andy - Cal fans

It was typical weather for San Francisco in October.  Beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, mid 70's and no breeze.  That's baseball weather for most cities.  But not SF.  It's Football weather here.  The temperature didn't really change until probably the 4th quarter and even then it was only a slight change.  No need for anything more than a t-shirt.

I even managed to get a picture of Ken and I at the game.

It's the first non-horse thing I've done in a while.

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