Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trail Rides at Deadwood

We went on trail rides.  Hours and hours of wonderful rides.

While on the Porter Creek trail Tom told us about the area’s mining history.

Teresa on Zumbo

Rob – He only rode once – I don’t have a front view of him though, too bad.

Emilie on  Frank

Bill on Flash

Sharon on Tiny

Sharon and Bill (and that's Joy hiding behind the tree).

Me – the trouble with being the only shutterbug is that if I want to prove I was somewhere I have to take the picture myself!  J

We rode up mountains

And we rode through snow - You can hear it crunching under the horse's hooves.  I can chalk up another "first" at Deadwood.  It's added to "swimming on horseback" with Erin many years ago.

Crossed rivers many times - someone forgot to lift their legs and got their boots wet (but I won't say who!)

Through beautiful meadows in the middle of the forest

We spotted Elk and Moose – but have no pictures of the Moose

We relaxed during our trail rides

Sharon and I posed by Sheepherder Lake

Group shot at Sheepherder Lake

Edward and Toby

But alas, when riding these mountains, what goes up, has to go down.  

At the top of the ridge to Sheepherder Lake there is a short level spot where girths are checked (they were checked just before we climbed UP) to make sure they're still good for the ride DOWN and the saddle won't slip.  Once we were all good to continue we walk the horses on a path barely as wide as they are and go down into Sheepherder Lake.  Somehow the videos don’t do the “pucker factor” justice.  And the break between the two videos is a section of washout that I just couldn't hold the camera and continue filming for.  I needed to hold onto the saddle!!

Part 1

Part 2

When we’d get back from our rides we’d find horses in the strangest places. 

That’s the filly “Cayenne” behind the boulders at the lodge – eating Dawn’s flowers!

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