Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Deadwood, the story in (mostly) pictures

There are three ways to get to Deadwood Lodge but the cool late spring was delaying the snow melt on the three roads.  We almost drove to Idaho not knowing if we’d even be able to get into Deadwood.  But the day before we left home they got word that one road had opened outside Lowman.  Ken and I had driven in that way last year coming from Sun Valley, but we’d not been on the stretch of Highway 21 between Garden Valley and Lowman on the way to Stanley.  It was a scenic change of pace for us.

The only complete group photo.  That's the Sawtooth Range in the background.

Bruce Meadow and Sharon and Bill’s truck in the mirror.

The rivers were running FULL.

We arrived at the lodge with zero problems.  The road was better than we’d ever seen it.  Mind you, it’s still 30 miles of dirt road, but it was in great shape. 

It’s always wonderful seeing Dawn and Tom again.  And breathing the fresh mountain air at 5600 feet is spirit restoring.

The three cabins

Introductions were made, cabins assigned, unloading commenced, and cocktails were enjoyed!  (We bring our own alcohol.)  Teresa and Rob’s cabin ended up being the “bar” since it has a kitchen. And saying it has a kitchen is just saying that it has cabinets and a counter top with a sink - but they’re dry - no water.  The cabins are rustic. 
Here's a shot of the interior of the front room of the Lion Shack - we bring our own bedding.

They’re actually old mining cabins from the old mining town of Deadwood about a half mile down the road.  Three cabins had been moved to their current location years ago and have been used by them for their guests for decades.  The business has been in the family for 40+ years!

There is so much to do while at Deadwood.  Or so little.  Whichever a person prefers.  It’s heaven.
We drove to the Deadwood Reservoir dam (a miniature of Hoover Dam)
Posed for pictures

or didn’t pose

Back at the lodge we visited the barn and the horses. 

Here’s the newest addition to the pack string.  I offered up the name “Cayenne” for the spicy little filly.

Yep – that's a pile of snow at the barn – a first for us.

Next up....trail rides.

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