Friday, July 15, 2011

Riding horses wasn’t the only thing we did

We spent time at the Lodge catching up on all the goings on.  We played dominoes.  We sat on the Lodge porch in rocking chairs.  We walked to the river to see how high it was running.  We sat on our cabin decks reading books.  We killed Mosquitoes with the electric bug zappers Sharon brought for everyone.

And of course we all met up each evening for cocktail hour at one of the cabins

And enjoyed our own quiet time relaxing outside the Lion Shack

When cleared snow so we could drive out through Cascade.  Oh wait - did we really?

We managed to sneak in some time playing in the snow

Ken and Rob spent most of their time fishing. And since I rode while Ken fished we only had one opportunity for me to get a photo of Ken with a fish, though he caught many.   I didn’t get any photos of Rob with any of the many fish he caught.  Even with the high, fast water it was a very good week for the fishermen.

Ken fished the overrun river.  There was sand there last year.

Ken with a spawning Cutthroat Trout

I brought my fly rod up to Sheepherder Lake and hiked around part of the lake to try fly fishing in a few spots, but there were no fish rising and Tom said that there hadn't been any fish caught there recently.  It was kind of fun to bring my fly rod up on the trail ride in a rifle scabbard, though.  (If you go back to the trail ride post to the picture of us riding down the green hillside and zoom in you'll see me in the peach shirt with the scabbard on my saddle.)

Emilie, Sharon and I did go fly fishing one evening with Tom and Ken.

During a trail ride we’d crossed the river and were seeing some beautiful 16” Trout in the clear water.  But with the changing mood of the river by the time we got back with our fly rods the water was murky and we didn’t catch anything.  But we did have fun casting and practicing our fly fishing skills.

Here I am fishing with my new Hardy 4wt fly rod.  Boy do I like it!

Tom shows Emilie a bit about fishing with a fly rod

Emilie tries it on her own

Sharon trying to entice a fish out from under the bank

 And through it all I took pictures of the scenery.

Sunrise at Tyndall Meadows

The falls at Erin Creek

 The Deadwood River valley

Looking towards Rice Peak

Looking towards the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness

The old mining town of Deadwood

 Isn’t it awe inspiring how beautiful Idaho is?!  And now you can see why we go back to Deadwood Outfitters every year for the last 15 years or so.

Maybe you’ll join us next time?!

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