Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I hadn't seen Blu in a month

This weekend was a “Horse and Hound” weekend.  Angus came down with me to see Blu.  He started out riding in the back seat of the truck, but moved to the front seat.  I think he was lonely in the back since Annie wasn't with us too.

Angus kept an eye on the road for me...

But eventually got bored.

Angus is really an easy keeper when we’re down at the ranch.  I can tie him on a long line to the Willow tree and he can watch me while hanging out in the sun or shade.  He stays on leash, but we did walk down the barn isle so he could meet Blu.  Angus jumped up to put his front feet on the top of Blu's stall door.  Then hopped down immediately.  I think Angus was surprised at what was on the other side!   But Blu put his head over the door and Angus tentatively put his head up and they sniffed each other.  Then Angus gave Blu’s nose a little lick and I figured it was a good start.

Angus would have preferred to be right next to me while I was grooming Blu, but he hung out on the lawn instead.

My lesson was great, too.  A month has gone by since my last ride.  I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire lesson.

Having a young horse makes me think twice about some things – but I’m learning that after four months with Blu having a young horse isn’t nearly as “scary” as I thought it might be.  Of course, I know it's because I’ve got a great trainer and he has done some fabulous things with Blu.  

I say this because as I was doing some solo work while Todd was working with Nazz I felt confident and thought Blu was in a good spot to ask for the lope.  So I asked and he went right into it on the correct lead.  I was really happy!  A month ago I wouldn’t have asked for the lope without Todd watching with an eagle eye.  But Blu is learning in leaps and bounds and it just felt right.

I’m also happy because when Todd saw us loping he didn’t immediately tell me to stop because I was on the wrong lead, or was doing something horrible or anything!  Yeah!

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