Sunday, June 1, 2014

Wurzburg and Rothenburg - June

Today I woke up and looked out my window to see a beautiful stone bridge and a fortress.  Literally as I woke up, no getting up to peek out the window.  Just laying in bed I could see it.  Beautiful.  When I did get up I was able to see a palace also.  Crazy.

I believe this is the Marienberg Fortress as seen from bed (how decadent does that sound?!?)

A bit later in the day, the same view

We took the all day tour that started at the Wurzburg Residenz - for the prince bishops of Wurzburg (there's a long story associated with them - I'll just say it was interesting, it's amazing what powers a pope has, and how nice it must be to be in an Emperor's favor....

The back of the Residenz - sadly, no photos allowed inside yet again.  So you'll have to Google it to see photos.  It really was breathtaking - I did a couple quick sketches of the fresco (worlds largest)

Standing under a pointy tree, in the shade (it was only about 70 f and we weren't hot, but we thought the shade might make for a less squinty photo....(though we still kept our sunglasses (or 'sunnies' as the Aussies say) on.

Nothing like a small statue in the middle of your garden...

And the gates are so does anyone expect to fit through this?!  (HA)

Back in front, at the fountain

Driving to Rothenburg - this was as close to that Autobahn as we got - that bridge in the distance - we were going to be on it on the way back but traffic had the bus driver choosing a scenic route instead (they did a scenic route out to Rothenburg (just about 1 hour) and were planning a 'fast' trip on the Autobahn on the way back but with traffic they opted to do a different scenic route but there was an accident so our return trip was about 90 min - still not bad)

On our way TO Rothenburg we (in the bus) were driving behind these cute white horses - I was the only one smiling in our bus though.  

One of the first scenes in Rothenburg

I enjoyed myself, but I think I was in the minority.  I heard it described by many as Disneyland - but not in a positive way, more as a "this can't be real, it must have been created by Disney" but I was admiring the architecture and all the half timbered buildings (and ignoring the Sunday throngs)

One of the most photographed locations in Germany (can you tell - count how many cameras/phones you see in this photo!)

We got a free taste of bratwurst (we thought we'd have to share one of these with multiple people, but nope, we each got a tray with a couple different types of brats in each.) and we also got to sample the local 'snowball' (that I can't remember the actual name of, just that it's a doughy concoction that wasn't too bad.  But wasn't terribly exciting.

The central market place - the clock in the white building has the story of the mayor (I think) that saved the town by drinking a lot of beer in one swallow.  I took a video of it, but it took about 2 minutes and wasn't all that exciting.  If I have some boring down time (which hasn't happened yet) I'll upload videos, but in the mean time, take my word for it that if you're in the market place on the hour, stop and watch, but don't go out of your way to do so if you're doing something else eating....(see next pic)

OK, well, this is the beer, before the eating, but see the next picture....

See...eating....this is a sampler platter of pork and brauts (I don't know what it's called - or how to spell the shortened bratwurst) but it's what Ken ordered

I ordered the pork cordon bleu (with pomme frittes) and while it doesn't look like much, the cordon bleu was delish!!!  (I left most fries behind)

Toni and Bob, this is a teddy bear store, and in the upper right window, you can't see it much, but there is a bear that blows bubbles on the people passing by.

A bit less crowded later in the day

Ken and I finally found some stairs to get up into the wall around the city - I guess it makes sense that there aren't a lot of stairs, but sheesh, those that were there were STEEP and not exactly what I'd call 'to code' HAHA  I'm really glad we walked the wall though!

And we aren't the only ones with a sign that says 'I can make it to the fence in 5 seconds, can you?"

Up on the wall, it goes around the entire (old portion) city.  And Greg would have issues walking it at 6'3"

There's Ken, and you can see we're fairly high up off the street.  What a view though!

Before the rest of the group caught up to us at the gate out of the city...

We were driving on the Romantische Strasse ("ss" is how the funky "B" is pronounced and written - I THINK! - assuming I'm learning some German as I go).

We didn't get to stop at this brewery (boo)

The signs on buildings are wonderful, and not just in the touristy areas - this was 30 min outside Rothenburg, as we drove in the bus.  The signs all tell you exactly what is inside, another of the things they did for those that couldn't read way back when.

Here's another - the bear caught Ken's eye

Dessert on the ship.  Creme Brulee (to die for - I'm serious...I could have eaten a vat full - and would have died, but would have died happy!)

I don't think I've posted many food photos - the food has been amazing.  Portions are great (not giant American portions, but truly, after 4 courses you're stuffed.  But if by chance you aren't stuffed, you can order multiples.  No questions asked (other than is there anything else you'd like?! said with a friendly smile).

Tomorrow is Miltenberg (and since it's 'berg' not 'burg' that means it'll be hilly, not castle-y)

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