Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our Cabin

In case you're curious what our cabin is like, I took some photos today.  We've been in the cabin for a week now, pretty much have things figured out.

I'm really pleased that there are electrical outlets in two spots, one right by the window and one in the bathroom.  When I say 'one' though I mean one panel.   The panel by the window consists of one 110v (US), two EU, one UK and one AU.  The one in the bathroom has one 110 (US) and one EU.  So I have a 3 outlet surge protector (which also has a usb plug) plugged into the US outlet.  And from that surge protector I have our iPad, iPhone, Nexus tablet and laptop plugged in.  In the EU outlet I've got my converter plugged in and my camera battery charger plugged into that.  In the bathroom I plug my flat iron into the US outlet (and Ken plugs in his razor when needed) and the supplied hair dryer plugs into the EU outlet.  I am not lacking in power in the room.  Big thumbs up to Uniworld for that.

The closets have one section that would hold dresses (I brought slacks and skirts and Ken's slacks are hanging there) and two sections that hold shirts with about 20 wooden hangers and 2 padded hangers.  Then in the other closet there are about 10 shelves, one of which has the safe (which has a universal outlet inside) and one has the Vox (tour listening devices) boxes plugged in.  There are also some small drawers in the two bedside tables.

I actually like having a window, vs the french balcony because I can put stuff on the window ledge and actually the window is plenty big for views.  Since the rooms are all identical other than windows I think the 200 cabins are a 'bargain'.
Our shower - not giant, but plenty big, and all marble.  Nice.

From the door, the closets are on the right, the bathroom is to my left, next to where I'm standing

The view from bed.  Truly, all that's needed

the view from one of the chairs, the door you see is to the bathroom.  The chair on the right is where I sit to do some of my blogging, looking out the window (though the chair is facing the desk in the photo)

The bathroom, again, not big but plenty of room for what's needed.  The outlets are there on the wall on the upper left side near my makeup brushes and toothbrushes and such.  The faucet swings around on the sink so you can push it out of the way to wash your face, etc. - oh and the brown bottles are the supplied toiletries.  Have been very nice though I did try the conditioner and switched back to my own.  It isn't bad, but I really like my own stuff.  

Open the cabinet doors and you've got more shelves and a cute little wastebasket.  I haven't filled up all the space as you can see.

More shelving - have my hair appliances there

The closets before we've put our clothes in.  Lots of hangers

Good shelf space

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