Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cologne arrival in the rain

We've arrived in Cologne (Koln) Germany and the Captain attempted to give us a scenic view of the cathedral (the lights weren't on) before doing a fine job of the ship's version of parallel parking in a crowded port in a berth that ensures a view of the Chocolate Museum.

You read that right.

Chocolate Museum.  If it weren't pouring rain, and if Violeta hadn't made a divine chocolate martini for Yolanda and me, I'd be seeing if they were open now (11:00pm).  There are lights on and people inside....

So, as I lay my head down on the divine pillow, in the comfy bed, looking at the bridge that looks like a compass (the kind that you use in mechanical drawing), I'll dream of chocolate.

Until tomorrow....

Arriving in Cologne - it's dumping rain and when I took this photo through the front window I thought it looked like a fish tank (which my Mom said was appropriate since I'd let her know we were in the 'Aquarium class' cabins - which I HIGHLY recommend, by the way - we're in 209 and I'd pick it again in a heartbeat)

Another 'through the rain/window' shot - finally can see the cathedral - and since the rain was coming down so hard it was actually sheeting off the front windows so it doesn't look too bad.  But it was bad enough that one daring soul went out on deck and screeched loud enough that those of us in the Piano Bar could hear - and came back in drenched...1 minute later

As we pull alongside the Chocolate Museum (yep - now you know how to spell chocolate in German.....Schokoladen)

This is our view of the museum after we've tied up.  A hop, skip and a jump away

Violeta made a divine chocolate martini - keep in mind this photo is taken at 10:30pm after an afternoon of sailing the Rhine viewing castles and tasting a few 'ahem' other cocktails  <wink>

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  1. I am really enjoying your blog and pictures which bring back great memories. We took the "European Serenade" cruise on the River Princess last fall. It was our trip of a lifetime. The Uniworld crew is great.