Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spa Day at The Claremont

My good friend Becky had her 50th Birthday Party yesterday.  She choose to spend the day in style and invited her girlfriends to join her at The Claremont Resort in Berkeley for Brunch followed by Spa treatments and topped off with a party at her house.

The Claremont Hotel in Berkeley

At 9am I dropped Ken off at their house so he and Andy could do their thing, which included getting the house decorated and ready for the party in the evening.  About quarter to 10 the girls headed off to The Claremont.

The Menu

Becky's Brunch was in a pretty room with panoramic views of the Bay.  There was a long table and I chose a seat about 2/3 of the way down the table from Becky.  No one had chosen a seat there and I thought it would be fun to see who ended up around me.

Becky at the head of the table.

Jean and Susan sat on either side of me with Julie across the table.  We had a lively conversation covering many different subjects.  Brunch was a leisurely affair, with splendid company, tasty food and Mimosas for all.

Jeanie, Andy's Mom and Sister

Shortly after noon it was time for the Spa where a number of us booked different services.  I chose an 80 minute Therapeutic Massage.  Let me just say "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

It spoiled me and it will be very hard to ever do a 50 minute massage again.  Heck, I even thought the 80 minute variety was over too soon.  (Though today I'm a bit sore so they probably have a reason for their length limits!).

After my massage I (we all were) was able to partake in the other Spa amenities.  They have a Sauna (I only lasted about 5 minutes - it was HOT), a large Jacuzzi with huge windows overlooking the Bay, and my FAVORITE: a Deluge Shower.  It's basically like getting to stand under a waterfall and have water pummel you.  The water comes out of a 4 inch pipe directly overhead and it comes out so fast that it fills the basin at your feet faster than it can drain (and it has a 12" drain).  I ended up going in that twice, and talked a few others into trying it, too.  Can't recommend it highly enough!  Oh, they also had showers with something like 10 shower heads, 3 at your feet, 3 at your middle, 3 at your head/shoulders topped off with a large rain shower head in the ceiling.  I probably spent another hour and a half enjoying those other amenities.  I left The Claremont at 4pm.

And the day wasn't over yet!  There was still the evening party!  With weather that couldn't be beat, the back deck and house were filled with friends.  The party was a roaring success, too.  And imagine Becky's surprise when a Mariachi Band appeared!  One of her friends brought them along and they played for over an hour.  Awesome!

Wish I knew their names to give them credit - but the Mariachi's were great!

Fun from morning till evening.  Becky has set the bar high for 50th Birthday Celebrations!  Guess I better start planning mine now!

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