Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No Pain While Riding and a New Colt

OK - So the new colt isn't mine.  It is my friend Nancy's!  

Nancy and the colt

She picked him up on Friday and brought him to Todd's for the weekend.  Sharon, Nancy and I all spent time getting to know him.  

Todd showed Nancy some 'baby' steps

It may be hard to tell from the photos, but he's a Buckskin - they shaved his face and neck so she could see what he looked like under all his winter fuzz.  (That style of clipping is called a Cardigan Clip I think.)  His body should end up being about the color of his muzzle, with a black mane and tail. 

Wonder if he'll grow up to be a Cutting Horse?!

I'm also going to closely follow Nancy's progress with the colt because if things work out right that might be MY next step in the horse business!  In the mean time, I'm continuing to work with Blu.

My first time back in the saddle with Blu 1/28/12

And that brings me to MY fun!  I am thrilled to say that I had NO pain riding this weekend.  I started off on a different horse, one that was a bit older and more sedate.  I even mounted using the 5 step block so I wouldn't torque my spine.  I followed doctor's orders and started at the walk.

I tried some different stretching and strengthening exercises.  After 10 minutes I felt it would be ok to try a jog (truly, I couldn't stop myself).  Because I had to give some solid kicks to get the horse into the jog, I could feel my ankle protest a bit.  But once in the jog there was no pain in my back.  Hooray!  I got off after about 15 minutes in the saddle. (A record, I'm sure)

Saturday was dental day at the ranch, too.  Our vet was there for most of the day working on a bunch of horse's teeth (watch a horse get dental work and you'll RUN to your own dentist and thank him for the tools he uses).  Blu was going to be on the list but since I was planning on riding we put him on the list for later in the week.

After all the lessons were finished Todd pulled out Blu and I sat on the sidelines watching.  Blu looked AWESOME!!!!

When Todd got off he looked at me and asked if I wanted to get on.  Did I!!!

Oh, to be back in the saddle on my horse!  Tod has been doing such an excellent job with him.  His jog is slow and his head set is really nice in the bosel.  It just makes me smile to think about it now.

Low res video - but you can tell how he moves.

Dinner was a trip out for Sushi.  Yum.

Sunday morning at the ranch was busy.  More lessons.  Nancy worked with her colt having him tie quietly and later, load in the trailer.  No issues.  When it was time for Nancy to head home he loaded up like an old pro.

A little after noon I had Blu saddled and Todd mounted up.  He put him through his paces and then I rode.  We had a walk/jog lesson, with plenty of bending and turning off leg pressure.  I'll have to wait for weeks until my next trip, but then I get to lope.

I've got a little less than two months until the 2012 show season starts up.  It'll be here before I know it!

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