Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm Going Riding!

I've been going to Physical Therapy once a week for the last month to help me improve my core muscle strength which will help my back.  Because, frankly, my back hurts.  I've learned a dozen different exercises, some of which involve an exercise ball or rubber bands.  But all revolve around my back.  And I believe they're starting to pay off!  At the very least, this last week I was able to stand and give a presentation for an hour.  Prior to the Physical Therapy I wouldn't have lasted 15 minutes before I needed to sit to ease my back.  Courtesy of PT I had some things I could do while standing in front of a room full of people (without them knowing) which allowed me to stay on my feet for the full hour (in heels, no less).  Thanks Sutter Physical Therapy!

And it feels like forever since I've been in the saddle.  I know I got to ride a couple weeks ago, but it was only for about 20 minutes and I only walked and jogged.  I itched to do more.  This weekend, assuming the weather holds, I'll get to.  Do more, that is!

I'm starting to count the weeks until the show season starts (for me).  I've been watching the videos of the 2011 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show (one of the most amazing Arabian Horse Shows in the World) waiting for some videos from the 2012 show.  That show runs from Feb 16 - 26th - I've been to the show, twice, to watch (and shop) but never to compete.  Someday.  In the mean time I eagerly wait for the Golden Gate Arabian Horse Show  in Santa Rosa at the end of March.  That will be our first show of the 2012 season.  Followed closely by the Arabian Horse Association of Northern California Show in Rancho Murieta (which Sharon and I always call the "Rancho Show") April 12-15.

So, even though I haven't been riding, Blu is still in training.  My trainer, Todd Azevedo, has been doing an amazing job with Blu throughout the off-season.  I just hope that I can catch up in the short time I've got available in the saddle.

Wish me luck!

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